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Virtual Private Servers

A high number of users hosting a website use shared hosting services, as they are not as expensive as dedicated server hosting. Still, if you need web hosting services with security and great performance similar to that of dedicated server hosting, there is an option for you. That option is Virtual Private Servers, which are similar to dedicated hosting and offer increased control and performance. And it is an extremely secure service. In the case of dedicated hosting, only your website is hosted on one server, while with a virtual private server, a server is divided into a number of different virtual private servers. Every single virtual server is separated from other hosting client’s servers.

Virtual Private Servers are not like shared hosting services, where several websites are hosted on the same server, but are not divided into distinct virtual dedicated servers. The hosting fees of virtual private servers are considerable lower than the fees of dedicated services. You will benefit of the control, flexibility and security of a dedicated server, but will share the total cost of hardware, hosting equipment and maintenance with other users.

You also have control over the hosting experience, as although the hosting provider is in control of the hardware, you will have full control over the software. The root access to the server provides you with almost full control over your hosting services, making your site to function exactly as you want.

You are able to install any software that is best for your website needs and you can make the most out from your hosting services. You are in control over your email accounts and FTP files; you can access CGI-BIN and passwords and so on. You are in control over the hosting and just your hosting provider.

Virtual Private Servers have major advantages over both shared and dedicated hosting services, as they offer security, reliability, controls and similar freedoms of dedicated hosting services but at a more affordable rate. Plus, you have extended control over your hosting services even if you don’t have comprehensive technical knowledge. Your hosting provider is still responsible for maintaining the server, network connection and hardware, so you don’t need to worry for these aspects.

Overall, Virtual Private Servers give you superior flexibility and control than shared hosting services. Your website cannot be accessed by third parties and your site will not crash, as these might happen in the case of shared hosting services. You’ll have a stable and secure website. With Virtual Private Servers you can have a website with all the needed features and functions.

You can host your website in an affordable rate and yet avail all the benefits of dedicated hosting services, with the use of Virtual Private Servers. It is more costly than shared hosting, but it is a lot less than the cost of dedicated server hosting.

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